Care Span Covid-19 Session Overview 

Once a patient logs-in, requests an exam, and provides some basic background information the provider confirms the appointment and immediately starts a virtual car session. A review of the patient's condition and basic vitals taken (such as body temperature) the screening process begins.

A series of patient scoring questions indicate the likelihood for additional testing. Once the form is filled out, it's immediately scored. The provider reviews results in realtime and if the patient is in the system they can compare the current score with earlier evaluations. Scoring, based on a point range, indicates if the patient tests positive. Information review can be conducted immediately with the patient about the findings and next steps discussed. 


The completed medical record can be annotated (the likelihood of the Covid 19 virus, etc.) and recommendation for further testing and evaluation if indicated. Unlike some automated systems (i.e. chat bots) CareSpan establishes a medical record for the patient (essentially the framework for continuity-of-care) to monitor and track the patient going forward. In addition to noting the current problem in the medical record there is the ability to provide the patient with educational content on their condition and what the best way to manage it. That information is entered into their own personal health record accessible from their individual portal and email to them. The encounter is entered into the patient’s permanent medical record and integrated into the Health system EMR. 
This is a completely more accurate approach to screening for Covid-19 than other automated systems allows. 


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