About TVS

The Virtual Specialist designs and implements digital healthcare solutions that enable care to more people, in more places, at lower costs than ever before.

Who We Are

The Healthcare industry is still in need of more beneficial ways to collaborate visually. TVS is made up of healthcare and information technology innovators with decades of proven expertise. Having been there, done that (often the first ones), we serve patients, providers, and payers with proven breakthrough solutions to healthcare’s most pervasive and costly problems.

The Virtual Specialist (TVS) is a healthcare technology design firm comprised of experts in implementing Telehealth systems that change the status quo. From virtual specialists to the bedside to patient education programs, TVS guides healthcare transformation while improving lives and lowering costs.

TVS delivers creative, affordable, functional, solutions freeing clients to focus on what they do best while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from dealing with experts.

TVS interprets each client’s vision into a system that will deliver the intended results by leveraging best of breed software, hardware, and creative expertise.

TVS is brand agnostic and is committed to meet the client’s needs as defined in a Scope of Work.

Meet Our Team
Skip Rodenbush
Senior Partner
With a mission to enable care to more people, in more places, at lower cost, Skip founded TVS as a network of digital healthcare advisors and innovators, who can provide telehealth planning and implementation solutions.
Lowell Feldman
Senior Partner
After the acquisition of The Castleton group, Lowell  amplifies more customized solutions to incorporate proven transformation that can be immediately implemented.
Howard Reis
Senior Advisor
With over twenty years of delivering services to healthcare providers, Howard is able to recommend, assemble or create specific solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare practices—specifically in the areas of practice growth, cost reduction and preparation for the future.
Bill Szaroletta
As the University of New Mexico Project ECHO Institute’s Chief Innovation Officer, Bill joined TVS with decades of proven technical/business mentorship to several healthcare-tech start-ups.
Christian Milaster
Christian's passion is around enabling the delivery of extraordinary care while he runs a Digital Health strategy and implementation consultancy, focusing specifically to help healthcare organizations and vendors getting the most out of telehealth.
Ken Wolstenholme
With over 25 years of business experience, in addition to serving 11 years in the USAF with Secret level Security Clearance, and eight with the DOD, Ken developed the ability to help leaders discern between what they need to focus on and what is a distraction.
Ryan Hunter
Technical Advisor
Bringing a Design Thinking toolkit to the TVS team, Ryan advocates for the needs of the user and integrates with the possibilities of technology.
Patrick Tellez, MD
A Board certified, American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Immunology & Allergy, Dr. Tellez holds a Masters in Public Health from UCLA and Master of Science in Health Administration from University of Colorado Graduate School of Business.
The Virtual Specialist

Visual collaboration applications specialist and solutions architect

Having been there, done that (often the first ones), we serve patients, providers, and professionals with proven breakthrough solutions to healthcare’s most pervasive and costly problems.

TVS has an amazing ability to anticipate the evolution of the internet and its ability to facilitate user-friendly applications for both the consumer and the provider.

Tom Eovaldi

TVS has a unique ability to make connections after carefully listening. I'm very grateful for Skip taking the risk and making that introduction.
Thank you Skip!

Bill Szaroletta
Alliance Partner

TVS's vision & forward thinking make them a valuable partner in the multimedia world. Their real-world experience gives them the important ability to translate that vision into success.

Davion Gerhold

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