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The TVS network of Partners and Advisors (Alliance) leverages the talents of the collective to provide consulting, designing, planning, and implementation services.

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Skip Rodenbush
Senior Partner
Lowell Feldman
Senior Partner
Howard Reis
Senior Advisor
Bill Szaroletta
Christian Milaster
Ryan Hunter
Technical Advisor
Ken Wolstenholme
Patrick Tellez, MD

Skip Rodenbush

The Virtual Specialist has a mission to enable care to more people, in more places, at lower cost. Since no one can complete this mission alone, Skip built The Virtual Specialist, as a network of digital healthcare advisors and information technology innovators, who can provide telehealth planning and implementation solutions.

Skip's background as a visual collaboration applications specialist and solutions architect started with the breakup of AT&T to free video calls from anywhere. His focus has always been on helping clients identify solutions that leverage emerging technologies to transform organizational performance and customer service. Skip is dedicated to creating digital Health networks for instant visual collaboration and sharing of actionable data between doctors, nurses, patients, payers, educators and other affected stakeholders.

Lowell Feldman

Lowell has joined forces with TVS through the acquisition of The Castleton group to amplify more customized solutions to incorporate proven transformation that can be immediately implemented. Lowell brings proven experience, start to finish mechanisms, including:

  • Grant Writing
  • System Design
  • Needs Assessment
  • Implementation Support
  • Community Organizing
  • Grant Funding Assistance
  • Provider and Payer Involvement

Bill Szaroletta

Bill joined TVS as the University of New Mexico Project ECHO Institute’s Chief Innovation Officer. He is also a Research Professor in UNM's Innovation Academy teaching multiple courses on innovation, product design, and E-Commerce, founder of Adaptive Chaos Consulting, experience as Board of Directors and Advisory Board member, and technical/business mentor to several technical start-ups.

Project ECHO, the ultimate medical professional training program created at the University of New Mexico, relationship with The Virtual Specialist’s (TVS) began in 2013 at an orientation in Albuquerque that included a briefing by Project ECHO’s Director of IT, Bil lSzaroletta, P.E., on his cloud-based video conferencing vision. TVS introduced Bill to Eric Yuan, Zoom Founder and CEO, which helped established a suitable MVP including: H.264, H.265, H.323, H.239, and more.

Christian Milaster

Christian's passion is around enabling the delivery of extraordinary care while he runs a Digital Health strategy and implementation consultancy, focusing specifically to help healthcare organizations and vendors getting the most out of telehealth.

I'll be here to remind us that Telehealth is a Clinical Tool, not a technology. That establishing telemedicine is not about the deployment of webcams and video chat software, but about designing the clinical and operational workflow and managing the resistance to the change inherent with any disruption.

Born, raised and educated as an Engineer in Germany, Christian spent time at IBM and the Mayo Clinic before launching Ingenium Digital Health Advisors in 2012. He has been working in telemedicine since 2003 and currently reside outside of Annapolis, Maryland.

Ken Wolstenholme

Ken brings over 25 years of business experience to my Fractional COO offerings. After serving 11 years in the USAF with Secret level Security Clearance, and eight with the DOD, Ken developed the ability to help leaders discern between what they need to focus on and what is a distraction.

Patrick Tellez, MD, MPH, MSHA

Dr. Tellez professional experience encompasses medical practice, medical management and executive leadership experience within payer and provider owned health systems including both commercial and Medicaid/Medicare health plans, private multispecialty medical group practice under both capitated and fee-or-service environments as well as over 12 years’ experience in medical leadership of multi-center community health center practices.

Today, we live in times of unprecedented change; and yet, it is the current conditions of uncertainty that present us with unprecedented opportunity to make a measurable difference in the future course of health care in every state and throughout our country.

Dr. Tellez is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine; is Board certified, American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Immunology & Allergy. He holds a Masters in Public Health from UCLA and Master of Science in Health Administration from University of Colorado Graduate School of Business.

Ryan Hunter

Using a Human-Centered approach to identify business values, understand the user and develop a product roadmap, Ryan's experience with Human-Computer Interaction has enabled TVS to study and understand the social implications of how people communicate, process information and make decisions online. Ryan works on innovation, user experience and technical consulting for TVS clients.


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In order to develop sustainable business strategies to tackle grand societal challenges, it is essential to understand how society perceives the role of business firms in this context and what it demands for the future.


Anna Jasinenko is a Senior Researcher in the department of Strategy, Globalization and Society at the University of Lausanne. She holds a PhD in management from the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Vienna. Anna's major research interest lies in the societal role of business firms. Can business firms contribute to the common good beyond profit-maximization? Which role should business firms play in the global fight against grand societal challenges, such as climate change, rising inequality, or sanitary pandemics? What does the public expect from business firms in this matter and how do they react? Her work was published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals, such as the Journal of Business Research, the International Public Management Journal, or the Journal for Business, Economics, and Ethics (zfwu).

Research interests at a glance

  • Business and Society
  • Public Value
  • Legitimacy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Grand Societal Challenges
  • Psychological Micro-Foundations

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