Assess, Act, Audit & Analyze
CareSafely enables skilled nursing, senior living, long-term care, and home health organizations to meet today's daunting challenge to strengthen safety and opertations

As COVID's shown, managing a robust safety program is complex and interconnected. And we're using 20th century tech (paper, emails, spreadsheets, and hallway chats) to manage it. Imagine doing billing or patient health records on paper and emails?

CareSafely digitizes/automates the safety/quality workflows -- taking assessments, tracking corrective action plans, conducting staff competencies etc. The system provides real-time dashboards and benchmarks across an organization's facilities/regions.

Running a Long-Term Care (LTC) organization – whether it’s nursing care, assisted living, memory care, or hospice – is an inherently risky proposition. As an operator, you are trusted with caring for residents and patients with complex and persistent medical, physical, and psychological conditions. Residents (current and future) and their families place their trust with your organization to have strong safety processes and systems in place. In their minds, safety is a “non-negotiable.” Food menus, building décor, amenities, and social activities are all second-order priorities compared to basic safety.


CareSafely Assessments are based on the latest guidance from CDC, CMS, OSHA, and public health agencies. They are vetted by an industry advisory panel of experts to ensure “real-world” application. For example, our COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Skilled Nursing covers 79 different risk factors in eight categories. The assessments can also be easily edited and customized to your own unique needs.


Assessments identify open risks that need to be fixed (for example, a facility needs three weeks of PPE inventory, but only has enough for one week). Action Plans enable you to develop a thoughtful, actionable, and trackable response to address the risks.

Each action plan covers:

  • What is the root cause of the risk?
  • What are the steps to eliminate/mitigate the risk?
  • Who is in charge of coordinating the steps?
  • When will it get fixed by?
  • What will it cost to fix (if applicable)?


CareSafely pre-built Audits ensure your infection control, safety, and compliance program stays on track. Audits cover a wide range of areas including COVID-19 response, staff competency, and resident safety.


By digitizing all data at the source, CareSafely captures 100% of the infection control, safety, compliance, and QA data so in a just a few clicks, you can:

  • Identify high-risk staff and facilities
  • Conduct compliance/QA from Region/HQ
  • Make fewer on-site audits/assessments
  • Track all risk areas over time
  • Benchmark facilities
  • Track PPE levels for all facilities

About TVS

The Virtual Specialist (TVS) is a healthcare technology design firm comprised of experts in implementing Telehealth systems that change the status quo. From virtual specialists to the bedside to patient education programs, TVS guides healthcare transformation while improving lives and lowering costs.

TVS can offer customizable CareSafely features to fit your senior care operational needs. Please contact us today to demo.

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